Join Our Team

We have a wide range of skill sets among our employees. Here is some information about positions we’re currently looking to fill.

Meter Technician

At SiteWise, our Meter Technicians are so much more than what you would think. They assist our company and others in keeping our customers safe and confident with their natural gas services. When you come on board with SiteWise you attend hands-on training that really equips you to be able to be the best at your job!

General Laborer

Even though the title says general there is nothing general about it! As a laborer you are there to watch and protect the rest of your team as well as help out on the job site. Hands-on and computer-based training are there to equip you with the knowledge you need to learn the trade and move forward in your career. We have many laborers that move on to learn pipe fitting, equipment operating, and even gain supervisory experience. The opportunities are endless as a laborer and there’s nothing general about that!


Our Locators at SiteWise have such an important job role and we value the hard work that they put into it. When hired as a locator at SiteWise, you are put through hands-on, in-the-field training, as well as some computer based training that sets you up to learn all of our software programs and locating standards. This training allows you to locate underground utilities with the tools provided so that our teams and customers can dig safely and avoid damages to facilities infrastructure.

Equipment Operator

As an Equipment Operator at SiteWise you are, with great pride, a ditch digger! Your job is to come to work ready for a day of digging and working with an equally talented crew. Through training you work with a team to complete the jobs given and work hand-in-hand with your crew to provide a quality service for our customers. The opportunities from there are endless. We have had a number of equipment operators go on to become crew leaders, foreman, trainers, and supervisors. When joining the team at SiteWise, it is a long-term, challenging and rewarding career path!

Pot Hole Operator

Our Pot Hole Operators are extremely valuable to our safe digging practices at SiteWise. They work with our bore and dig crews to expose existing underground utilities. The opportunities are endless, and we have seen many pot hole operators move on to obtain a commercial driver’s licence (CDL-A), run drilling equipment, and become a part of the leadership team at SiteWise. We offer training from start to finish to help you be as successful as possible!