At SiteWise, our office and field personnel form the backbone of our ability to provide quality service. Employee training ensures we meet — and exceed — our customer’s expectations.

New employees attend a human resources orientation, as well as a classroom training program which varies in length depending on the employee’s job role. This initial curriculum covers the critical aspects of safety and quality on the job, as well as establishing the corporate culture expectations. General, task-specific duties and OQ requirements are discussed for the department each individual has been hired to support. Proficiency tests for general safety, culture and specific job duties are given at the end of the class.

After completion of initial training for their specific job, new employees are assigned a mentor and taken to the field for exposure to active job sites and working with team members. This will go on as long as the mentor and training manager feel is required for the employee to demonstrate proficiency at their craft. In addition to instructor-led classroom training, on-line training and on-the-job training at active job sites, SiteWise maintains an equipment operating school to allow new employees to obtain specific, hands-on experience in a real life environment prior to working at a live job site. The field school also enhances and improves the training of existing employees to perform other types of work, allowing us to provide the flexible workforce advantage we have.

Once employees have learned their skills, honed their talents and proven themselves in their roles, they have opportunities for advancement. We have found it highly beneficial to train employees with little or no experience, which allows us to ensure consistent, quality training and the ability to manage the expectations for employee conduct.