SiteWise offers atmospheric monitoring and protection as required by DOT Code and our customers. We perform the inspection of pipelines, meter sets and any above-ground spans that are exposed to the atmosphere, looking for and documenting evidence of atmospheric corrosion. Our inspections include a visual examination of the area to determine the presence of conditions that may contribute to atmospheric corrosion, including excessive amounts of water, moisture, temperature, air pollutants, chemicals, or other corrosive agents. We visually and physically examine above-ground, exposed facilities for the presence of atmospheric corrosion including “uniform” corrosion, e.g., areas of pipe that are rusting or pitting uniformly or “non-uniform” corrosion, pipe that is rusting or pitting only in one or more specifically defined areas, thinning or faded paint or coating, flecking or small patches of paint or coating missing, light rust bleed-through, paint or coating totally absent from entire section or large section of the facility, and/or a noticeable percentage of pipe diameter of the original wall thickness has eroded. Finally, we perform remedial and permanent measures, thoroughly clean pipe surface and prime, paint, or wrap all above-ground piping accordingly. A common occurrence is atmospheric corrosion at a meter riser. This can easily be prevented by either jacketing the exposed pipe or by keeping it properly painted.