SiteWise has provided leakage survey services to utilities, mid-stream, natural gas and system operators. Our leakage survey is tailored to the specific needs of our customers and provides inspection of natural gas systems in accordance with federal and state codes and with customer standards to ensure compliance, public safety and operational integrity.

Our services include:

  • Walking and Mobile Leak Detection
  • Leak grading and classification based on GPTC, Appendix 11 Criteria, or as directed.
  • Public Building Inspections
  • Indoor meter surveys
  • Meter Protection Survey and Remediation
  • Atmospheric Corrosion Survey and Remediation
  • Pipe/Bridge Crossing Inspections
  • Leak pinpointing, with detailed documentation ahead of dig repair

Our leakage survey services include transmission, high- and intermediate-pressure and distribution pressure mains and services above- and below-ground. Any below-ground leakage detection is verified by performing a subsurface survey using a combustible gas indicator (CGI). If underground leakage is verified, the leak is isolated, graded for safety based on agreed-upon criteria, and immediately reported to the facility owner.

Other maintenance activities like atmospheric corrosion survey, pipe/bridge crossing inspections, and meter protection survey, can be performed independently or in conjunction with gas leakage surveys.

Daily, weekly, and monthly reporting includes completed survey footages, leak documentation, leak classification, and pending survey footages or units.

Ask us about Proof of Performance documentation.