SiteWise performs potholing and hydro-excavation services that are non-mechanical, non-destructive and provides faster and more accurate excavation to locate and expose utilities or any underground infrastructure. By combining high-pressure water and an air vacuum, we can dig trenches and expose utilities much quicker and damage free.

SiteWise is a leader in providing hydro excavation services in Colorado. When digging near utilities is a must, the use of hydro excavation from SiteWise is a safer alternative to expose buried utilities. Machines do the work, so people can remain a safe distance away and are not exposed to the dangers of buried utilities or trench cave-ins.

The soft digging method of hydro excavation (sometimes referred to as vacuum excavation) allows for quick, clean, precise digging which requires less backfill, less labor, and less restoration, reducing the costs associated with these activities.

Hydro excavation uses water to complete excavation, and then our vacuum pumps remove the spoils. Hydro excavation is a unique solution in that it acts as its own lubricant, reduces and controls static electricity while work is being performed, avoids the sand-blasting effect of air, and can work in almost all soil conditions, including icy, frozen ground. Variable pressures allow for shallow or deep excavations, and the work doesn’t require additional construction ramps or pits.

Using Hydro-Excavation Can Avoid:

  • Hits or strikes on underground utility lines, cables and pipes
  • High cost to repair damaged infrastructure
  • Costs and inconvenience of interrupted utility services
  • Serious injury or death to workers and the public
  • Liability and increased insurance costs

On-call services:

SiteWise provides emergency and on-call hydro-vac services for water line breaks or relocation projects. We also provide private locate services if requested by the facility owner.