Your Outsourced Electric Meter Shop


Contract Meter Reading Solution (Gas, Electric, Water)


AMI/ AMR Meter Deployment and Maintenance Project Solutions

We specialize in 1Φ and 3Φ C&I; electric meter installations and maintenance.

Electric Meter Field Testing Solutions

We will verify that your CT rated metering services are working accurately.

Electric Meter Department Maintenance Solution Services

We will work with your utility to determine where our team can assist your department with any of the listed services.

Street Light Maintenance Services

We will change ballast, bulbs, fixtures and photocells. Anything that needs repaired we can do it.

Utility Pole Core Test Service

We will cut the service at the pole or the mast, boot the meter, or lock off any disconnect.

Our Services:

  • Contract Meter Reading Service
  • I-Tests (Powermetrix Integrated Site Testing)
  • Field Electric Meter Accuracy Testingn
  • Field Meter Programming