SiteWise created a new standard in joint trench utility lateral installation over 25 years ago in the new residential and commercial marketplace. We can install gas, electric, cable, fiber and conduit all at the same time with a 2-person crew and their equipment. By installing all the dry utilities in a single trench during one site visit makes scheduling easier for the customer and allows one point of contact, with only one work site interruption. This joint trench process has streamlined the entire process for utility clients, home builders, general contractors, business owners and privately-owned facility operators.

In the new home market, SiteWise has built strong relationships with hundreds of home builders throughout Colorado. We provide volume builder/client discount pricing, and establish long-term Master Service Agreements with our builders, which allows us to define specific, standardized pricing for communities and projects. Our long history of serving this business sector has allowed us to refine our processes and hone our skills, and we offer quality installation services and excellent customer service.

The joint trench service lateral installation process provides a streamlined approach for each of SiteWise’s utility clients. Our field employees are trained at our state-of-the-art training center, where client standards are directly incorporated into the training material, allowing us to maintain a staff of highly trained and OQ-tested personnel. Additionally, SiteWise employs a quality control team of people who conduct random audits on the work of our crews in the field, ensuring that we are doing the right job the right way every day.

High quality is our benchmark, and service is our hallmark.