Peak Utility Services Group, Inc.

SiteWise is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Peak Utility Services Group, Inc., a holding company for several operating companies that operate in the utility construction services sectors. 


Related Companies

Kelly Cable

Kelly Cable provides services across New Mexico including Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Roswell, Las Cruces, Las Vegas, and Farmington. In addition, Kelly Cable is the major service provider in the region for telecom and electric utility owners.

Kelly Cable is comprised of 180 employees throughout the State of New Mexico. Kelly employs one of the most diverse work forces in the southwest. They also maintain one of the largest fleets of excavation equipment strategically dispersed throughout the State of New Mexico. Kelly Cable of New Mexico is registered with the Department of Energy in its Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database.


Track Utilities

Track Utilities is the largest independent service provider in Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Wyoming. Since 2002 they have served the Northwest and Intermountain West by providing reliable electric and telecom infrastructure services.

Track has long-term relationships with the major electric utilities and telecom providers in its territory and is unique in its ability to offer customers a full suite of overhead and underground electric and telecom services, joint utility trenching, and directional drilling. Track is the only service provider in the region that offers services across the telecommunications, electric, and joint utility end markets.