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People are the heart and soul of SiteWise. Our company thrives due to the expertise, training, and passion of our people. This foundation enables us to excel in delivering premier utility construction services.

Expertise and Training

SiteWise’s team comprises highly skilled and devoted professionals. We value diverse backgrounds and expertise, enabling effective solutions to a wide array of utility construction challenges.

To ensure superior safety and professionalism, all employees undergo rigorous training. This includes online and on-site training that builds a strong foundation for our teams to work safely and confidently in various situations. Training continues throughout a team member’s career, ensuring each individual stays current and committed to excellence.

Safety as Culture

Safety isn’t merely a program at SiteWise; it’s our culture. It unites us, safeguarding our people and customers. We offer a 24/7 approach, ensuring immediate responses to emergencies, and addressing issues promptly and securely.

Accountability and Integrity

Accountability and integrity underpin our operations. We execute what we promise, consistently meeting customer and coworker expectations, and delivering high-quality results with every project.

Career Growth

Our employees’ commitment to their careers is important. We provide diverse career paths, enabling growth within the company. From laborer to foreman or supervisor, we support those aspiring to advance. This commitment extends to on-the-job training, online resources, and back-office assistance. Witnessing our team members thrive within the company is deeply gratifying.

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Embracing Diversity

We value diversity within our team, mirroring the communities we serve. This inclusivity ensures our services align with unique local needs.

Exceptional Support

Our fleet of over 20 hydrovac trucks sets us apart from many of our competitors. Equipped with high-pressure water and vacuum systems, these specialized vehicles enhance safety and efficiency. We extend our support beyond field projects, actively engaging in legislative initiatives to advance utility infrastructure and safety.

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