SiteWise has been providing utility construction and engineering services since 1987.

SiteWise is a leading regional provider of turnkey utility infrastructure maintenance and construction services. Learn more about our 30+ years in business. The Company’s senior management team has a long history in the industry and has successfully grown the business through new service offerings and significant expansion with existing customers. The Company provides a wide variety of services, including dry utility new construction, reconstruction and infrastructure maintenance and repair, damage prevention services, and utility locating. The management team attributes the Company’s success to its focus on project management, cost containment, technical competence, a flexible workforce, innovative solutions and a combination of services not offered by other providers.

SiteWise strives to provide the best customer experience possible, and we believe we have one of the most experienced teams in our industry. The SiteWise leadership team has a combined 200+ years of experience in the utility and construction industries. We pride ourselves on having taken the best operational and business practices from our past experiences in order to provide the best contractor partnership experience with our clients.