SiteWise’s Safety, Quality and Training (SQT) program utilizes a top-down approach to communication, allowing our executive management to provide direction and for the flow of information to reach all employees through their closest manager. Our objective is to establish sound SQT programs which assess, recognize and reward individual and departmental performance, and to ensure that we deliver the level of quality and service excellence our customers expect.

SiteWise conducts an annual review of administrative policies related to regulatory compliance, safety, quality, and training. The SQT Review includes:

  • Internal and external Administrative Policies, Procedures, Standards and Specifications
  • Department of Transportation Operator Qualification (OQ) Program
  • Safety, Health and Environmental Compliance Program
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Program
  • Training Program – Employee training records and proficiency

The SQT department monitors and researches regulations related to SiteWise’s business activities to interpret their applicability, assess potential impact, determine needed resources, and develop an action plan for compliance.