SiteWise prides itself in providing superior private and engineering locates. Engineering jobs include multi-million dollar projects, and smaller-scale needs. Most large scale engineering locates are for engineering firms, and by partnering with businesses during the design phase, SiteWise is able to complete locating, exposing, GPS and mapping the facilities in a given area.

SiteWise also provides private locates for numerous general contractors, businesses and private homeowners. Private locates are a great method to identify the hard-to-find utilities and the lines that are not located by the One Call system. In addition to our private locates, we also provide fault find locates which allow us to pinpoint the location where a utility may have been cut and or damaged. Fault finding techniques reduce disturbances to the public and private property, saves time and money versus digging up to locate the problem, and reduces restoration costs by minimizing the area of exposure.