SiteWise is proud to offer turnkey services for our clients. Our Design organization has the expertise to perform gas and electric distribution design. Following the design process, our crews schedule the work, then install, renew and replace gas lines in all pressure systems. Our gas metering group works on a variety of gas meters and our gas lateral installers can install new gas meters at the time of service lateral installation. Once field work is complete, our Accounting group closes out work orders in our clients’ work management system, and generates electronic billing. At every step in the process, we work with our customers to promote efficient, effective completion of work, communicating with both the client and any affected homeowners and businesses.

One of our recent projects included a gas service renewal project in the Colorado cities of Brush and Sterling. Our Design group reviewed the scope of work, met with each individual customer to discuss the plans and negotiate the location of new meters where necessary. They engineered each service renewal by utilizing customer load information, pressure system information and the length of the services to properly size each service renewal. They generated work orders and gas service documentation to ensure for proper accounting of the services which would be installed, and sent this documentation directly to our Utility Reconstruction group. Utility Reconstruction renewed each service lateral identified, using directional drilling or excavation processes as suited to the environment. Our meter technicians then used bypass techniques on affected houses to ensure that individual gas appliances remained in service while the renewal construction was taking place, minimizing the impact of the work for the residents in the area. Our company foremen completed all of the documentation to ensure that the client could add locations and details to its mapping system, and our Accounting group provided work order closeout and billing activities.