SiteWise provides project management for new construction, reconstruction, operations and/or maintenance projects that require the planning and oversight to meet unique goals and objectives. We have highly skilled, experienced Project Managers whose focus on safety and quality provides the foundation to complete each project on time, as budgeted and in compliance with standards, rules and regulations. SiteWise can aptly represent your company to optimize and allocate the necessary inputs and resources and to integrate them meet pre-defined goals and objectives.

FasTracks Project Management

FasTracks is a 2004 voter-approved plan to expand transit across the Denver metro region. The FasTracks program is a multi-billion dollar comprehensive transit expansion plan to build 122 miles of new commuter rail and light rail, and to create 21,000 new parking spaces at light rail stations. Associated with this project is the clearing of railway corridors of utility infrastructure, including transmission and distribution gas and electric facilities.

SiteWise – through a partnership with Xcel Energy – supports this project by replacing, rerouting and lowering Intermediate Pressure and Distribution gas lines utilizing digging and directional drilling processes. Our efforts minimize impact to adjacent residential and commercial customers.

Additionally, SiteWise plays a critical role in damage prevention by providing 7-day a week inspection and observation of all non-utility construction along these developing right-of-ways in order to minimize damage to Xcel Energy’s gas and electric transmission and distribution facilities. These inspectors have authority to stop the work of any contractor who might endanger Xcel Energy facilities. The inspectors provide daily pictures of construction activities and written documentation of all observed railway corridors. This valuable documentation provides a view of the construction activities in process near existing utilities, and can be utilized to document work completed on the sites.